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Erica Dobbs is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Dobbs Defense Solutions, full-service cybersecurity and information technology firm that offers information technology, cybersecurity services, business intelligence, consulting, and technology training for dynamic operational environments.

Before embarking on her entrepreneurial journey, Erica served over 35 years in the U.S. Navy as a strategic leader. Her expertise consisted of C-Suite Collaboration, cybersecurity emerging technology, satellite communications, and delivery of information technology services in dynamic, demanding operational environments while remaining pragmatic and focused.

Her senior management role spans leadership, policy, and portfolio management for Dobbs’ business, revenue growth, processes, client delivery, and domestic and global business operations. Her long-term vision is to bridge the gap between Dobbs’ traditional and state-of-the-art technologies and the government and commercial sectors. She has built an employee-focused culture that delivers mission-critical services for Dobbs’ domestic and global business operations.

Erica earned a Master of Science in Cybersecurity, a Master of Business Administration from the University of Maryland Global Campus, and a Master of Arts in Procurement and Acquisition Management and Government Contracting from Webster University.

Erica was recognized with the 2020 G2Xchange Leading for Impact, Women in Leadership Award. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for Montgomery County Chamber Community Foundation (MCCCF) and is a VET-Force Executive Board member.

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