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Tommy Moreno, Co-founder and CEO of Pareto LabsTommy Moreno is Co-founder and CEO of Pareto Labs, a business education platform teaching practical business skills to managers, business owners, and entrepreneurs with a little help from founders of billion-dollar companies and executives from Fortune 500 brands.

Tommy brings to Pareto Labs a killer business acumen mixed with the creative spirit of a garage-band drummer with an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Following his graduation from the U.S. Air Force Academy, Tommy served as a System Acquisitions officer at Gunter Air Force Base in Alabama, following a proud lineage of Hispanic family members in the military. Then, after graduating from HBS, Tommy took his leadership skills to the corporate world. He spent over 25 years as a senior executive at The Walt Disney Company and an operator turning around struggling private equity-backed companies.

Tommy is now focused on applying everything he has learned to empower anyone who wants to see their careers and companies rock.

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