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First Call – March 2021

To enjoy with your morning coffee, NVSBC is pleased to present First Call, our publication designed to inform you of all developments affecting veteran businesses participating in the federal marketplace. Prepared by veteran business law attorney, Sarah Schauerte Reida of Legal Meets Practical, this edition covers the following topics:

Update from the NVSBC Executive Director Expiration: Don’t Poke the Beast
A recent GAO decision illustrates that while failing to update your registration might not be a reason you’ll lose a contract, it’s best not to poke the beast.

Best Value Procurements: The Customer is Always Right
A recent case decided by the GAO illustrates that when it comes to best-value tradeoff determinations, an agency has broad discretion so long as it follows solicitation evaluation criteria.

Mentor-Protégé Agreements: Once You’re in, You’re In
For those of you considering the effort of pursuing a mentor-protégé relationship via the Small Business Administration’s All Small Mentor- Protégé Program (“ASMPP”), it may be an incentive to know that approval is effectively the end of the struggle.

LPTA to Go MIA (At Least PT)
Most federal contractors will be glad to know that the decline of the lowest-price technically- acceptable (“LPTA”) mode of source selection is continuing.

Upcoming Ward and Berry PLLC Articles and Rapid Acquisitions
Over the next 8 weeks, Ward and Berry, PLLC will be writing a series of articles intended to help start-up businesses interested in pursuing opportunities in technology.

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