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Delivering Best-in-Class (BIC) Enterprise Technology

PURPOSE (Mission of V2IP): To promote the use of the VETS 2 GWAC contract vehicle throughout the federal government.

MEMBERSHIP: Open to all VETS 2 GWAC prime contract holders. VETS 2 Industry Partners (V2IP) is to have all VETS 2 GWAC contract holders participate in the Forum. Members must agree to the rules of the Forum including providing financial support.

The VETS 2 Industry Group (also referred to as VETS 2 Industry Partners or V2IP), in conjunction with GSA, will conduct a communications to promote VETS 2 GWAC throughout the government. Basic tenants of the campaign include: 

  • Participants must be members of the Forum to participate
  • Participants must complete the Forum training program
  • Visits must be conducted with a least 2 Forum members
  • Participants understand they cannot “market” their respective companies

VETS 2 is a GSA GWAC for accessing IT solutions from a qualified, diverse pool of previously vetted and price competitive small businesses. VETS 2 businesses are also SDVOSB!

Outreach Briefing with accompanying Talking Points:

Talking Points









One Page Flyer:

GSA VETS 2 Program Office Snapshot


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