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The NVSBC Educational Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to support and accelerate business development and growth of new and seasoned veteran owned small businesses to ensure they are “procurement ready” in the federal marketplace. The Foundation was established to solicit, receive, administer and expend funds for educational programs for veteran small businesses within the areas of government procurement. Donations may be tax deductible; please check with your personal tax adviser.

The components of the NVSBC Educational Foundation are:
• The NVSBC Scholarship Program
The NVSBC Online Learning Center

What is “Procurement Ready?”
In simple terms, “Procurement Ready” is the customer’s belief that you can deliver the required products or services, meet the required quality, cost, schedule and performance with minimal risk. Click here to review our “How Do I know When I’m Procurement Ready?” presentation.

The foundation is governed by a board of directors and committee members dedicated to providing education, training and mentorship to those within the veteran small business community. The board and committee members reflect a high level of expertise in government procurement and academia, and many have military service experience. They are a powerful force in advancing the foundation’s reach.

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