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The unusual strength of the NVSBC as a professional association is based on the engagement of its members and their eagerness to create vital communities locally, among themselves. NVSBC encourages and welcomes the formation of viable local communities of NVSBC members who can add local activities and interaction to the ethical standards, global networking and national communication about the value of design.

Establishing an NVSBC Chapter is not an activity to be undertaken lightly. The strength of the organization as a whole depends on each chapter creating and sustaining an active, growing presence in its community. Programs, activities and services to members at the local level are critical to the growth of the organization nationally. To initiate a chapter, the following steps must be taken.

  1. An interested group of veteran business owners servicing the federal government contacts the NVSBC national office to convey interest in establishing a new chapter. The group establishes an in-person event to gather interest from their community and see if there are enough people willing to form a chapter and hold officer positions within the chapter.
  2. The interested group downloads documents from this page, including a
  3. The interested group contacts any nearby NVSBC chapters as a way of developing communications with others in the region. Other chapters are an important source of information and best practices. Information pertaining to other Chapters is located on the NVSBC website.
  4. The interested members return the completed Chapter Formation Petition (Exhibit 1), signed by the 10 current NVSBC members. Those signers of the petition will be validated against the master list of members held by National to verify membership status.
  5. The potential chapter organizes its board and informs NVSBC headquarters of the names of officers.  Chapter board information can be emailed to
  6. The chapter files for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) with the IRS using instructions provided in Obtaining an EIN (Exhibit 4). [Once an EIN is issued, the approval is mailed to National’s address.  National will email a scanned copy to the Chapter President for retention.]
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